Sharing My Jekyll Utility Scripts

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Script-ahoy Jekyll A Static Site Generator (SSG) built with ruby. Popularized as of its adoption in GitHub Pages.

We all have them, those utility scripts that wraps those bundle-exec-jekyll-something commands that we really could type ourselves or hide in a Rakefile. We create them because we want short command lines to type for faster development iteration, and less to remember.

I have shared some of my Jekyll build scripts on my GitHub profile at jekyll-utility-scripts, hoping that they may be useful for someone else.

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These scripts, especially evolved simply from my own needs to be able to work fast on the command line. While Bundle, Jekyll and friends already has very nice CLI interfaces, my needs are to unify and make the most common options as easy as adding/removing 1 character on the command line. Thus with this script I could just ad a -d to include draft posts. Maybe I become paranoid that the build system can’t be trusted and I want to rm -rf _site before running, then I could just slap on an c to the command line I already had (thus becoming -dc). Ah, I need to build for production envionment to see how the comment form looks on this post, then I just slap on a p (thus becoming -dcp). This suits my fingers!

Another script,, makes it really easy to keep up to date with new releases of an upstream theme where you have local overrides. While not really “production ready”, it’s a good start for something here!

You can see how this can be used in action at my test repo

Take a look at the source, if there is something for you :).

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