Continuously Deployed LaTeX CV

6 minute read

When I was updating my CV, written with LaTeX so that I can have it under version control, I thought that it would be great if it had a link in the footer to...

Ruby tooling and tricks of the trade

15 minute read

Ruby tooling and tricks of the trade This is a blog post version of a presentation that I gave at my company Netlify for a Ruby learning group. The material ...

tmux-powerline tpm plugin

2 minute read

tmux-powerline My very first open source project, a result of a night’s hacking, was a tmux terminal multiplexor status bar project called tmux-powe...

Use Vim Keybindings Everywhere

1 minute read

Vim Keybindings Once your fingers have learned to speak Vim, they don’t not want to speak anything else! It’s simply a very effective way of navigating, crea...

HTML Proof Your Site in a CI Build Pipeline

4 minute read

Following up on my blog post Removing Exif Data from Images in Your Website With Rake and CI Build Pipeline, I have a another nice feature that I added to th...

Advent of Code Tricks

17 minute read

Update I shared this post on Reddit and there’s some nice discussions in the comments section for more tips!

Finger of god: using sudo with TouchID on macOS

7 minute read

Diggin’ Dotfiles Collection It’s time to dig the dotfiles, and to dig in to them! This post is a part of a blog post collection called Diggin’ Dotfiles where...

restic backups scheduled with native OS tools

4 minute read

Remote Backups - Just Do It I wanted to share here a project that I did a few years ago but that is still very relevant. What is very relevant? To have off-s...

NestedText Implementation in Ruby

18 minute read

With this post I’m declaring my latest project nestedtext-ruby more or less done (for now)! It’s a library for a new exciting data format designed to address...


less than 1 minute read

This is just a dummy post testing As you can see below, any mentions of posts on this page will show up below the comments section as mentions...

Sharing My Jekyll Utility Scripts

2 minute read

Script-ahoy Jekyll A Static Site Generator (SSG) built with ruby. Popularized as of its adoption in GitHub Pages. Users!

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Creating Personal Goals OKR-style

17 minute read

Following up on the post A Manager’s Secret for Engineers to Advancement and Promotion I would like to share some of my experiences in helping Engineers to s...

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less than 1 minute read

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