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My very first open source project, a result of a night’s hacking, was a tmux terminal multiplexor
status bar project called tmux-powerline, published the summer of 2012.

tmux-powerline is a tmux plugin that gives you a slick and hackable powerline status bar consisting of segments. It’s easily extensible with custom segments and themes. The plugin itself is implemented purely in bash thus minimizing system requirements. However you can make segments in any language you want (with a shell wrapper).

Full screenshot

Some examples of segments available that you can add to your tmux status bar are:

  • LAN & WAN IP addresses
  • Now Playing for MPD, Spotify (GNU/Linux native or wine, OS X), iTunes (OS X), Rhythmbox, Banshee, MOC, Audacious, Rdio (OS X), cmus, Pithos and (last scrobbled track).
  • New mail count for GMail, Maildir, mbox, mailcheck, and Apple Mail
  • GNU/Linux and Macintosh OS X battery status (uses richo/dotfiles/bin/battery)
  • Weather in Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin using Yahoo Weather
  • System load, cpu usage and uptime
  • Git, SVN and Mercurial branch in CWD
  • Date and time
  • Hostname
  • tmux info
  • CWD in pane
  • Current X keyboard layout
  • Network download/upload speed
  • Earthquake warnings

Since the first years I have mostly maintained the project, accepting feature PRs and bug fixes. However as I saw people kept using it I have recently revived this project. The largest change is that it’s now installable as a tpm plugin (a plugin system that did not exist at the time this project first was developed).

If you use tmux, try it out to give some power to your status bar!





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