tmux-dark-notify - Automatically follow system light/darkmode

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As iTerm2 version >=3.5 (currently in beta) has support for automatically changing the whole terminal theme between light/dark when the system appearance mode changes, I thought it would be nice if my tmux theme also could follow the light/dark setting as well. Time to write a tmux plugin then!

tmux-dark-notify is a tmux tpm plugin will change the tmux theme automatically when the system changes the light/dark mode. Configure a light and a dark theme and the plugin will take care of the rest!

Demo of changing system theme

For example I use a Solarized in all my programs that support it. For tmux I use seebi/tmux-colors-solarized which is locally cloed (in my dotfiles as a submodule). This tmux theme repo provides a light theme tmuxcolors-light.conf and a dark theme tmuxcolors-dark.conf. With this tmux plugin, I have configured so that when the system appearance mode changes, the corresponding tmux theme will be used.

Hats off to dark-notify which this plugin is built up on!

If you use tmux on macOS, try it out to make your status bar pretty (automatically)!





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