Use Vim Keybindings Everywhere

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Vim Keybindings

Once your fingers have learned to speak Vim, they don’t not want to speak anything else! It’s simply a very effective way of navigating, creating and editing text. Thus, it’s natural that one would like to get Vim-like keybindings in as many programs we use as possible.

(yes, technically it is vi-like keybindings we talk about here, but most people know and refer to vim, thus vim is used here instead of vi).

Over the years I’ve continuously adapted programs as they support Vim-like keybindings, or configured other ones to behave like it. I wanted to share this knowledge with the world and started to compile a list of my learnings at erikw/vim-keybindings-everywhere-the-ultimate-list. I started of by going though my dotfiles and gather up what I already knew. Then I went out and researched some more programs.

Vim Keybindings Everywhere - The Ultimate List

If you like Vim keybindings, you should check it out. Happy Vimming, all round you system!




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