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Personal website built with Jekyll and hosted on Netlify.

My personal website has had a few iterations:

  1. First completely static and hand-written (yes, hand-written HTML) hosted on my own FreeBSD server running in my bedroom. Local Gitolite repository set up with a custom-hacked deployment script that copies files from the git repo to the local nginx web server content directory.
  2. The same website but hosted on a traditional web host (uberspace) with automatic deployment using GitHub with GitHub SCP action.
  3. The current setup: Jekyll + Netlify.

The current website is still statically served, but it’s more dynamic in the sense that it’s compiled and then served static ( jamstack JavaScript + API + Markup - a way of building and hosting websites.
). Jekyll A Static Site Generator (SSG) built with ruby. Popularized as of its adoption in GitHub Pages.
makes it a breeze to publish new content: just create a new markdown file and the build system takes care of the rest for you.

Netlify provides free hosting for small private users and let’s you set up a nice CD pipeline (automatic website publish on git push to main branch).