Name ewxb - Erik Westrup’s GCC cross-compiler builder
Tech Bash, GCC, glibc, gccgo, binutils
URL https://github.com/erikw/ewxb-gcc-cross-compiler-builder

A script for building a full GCC + glibc toolchain from scratch (with Go support via gccgo) in multiple stages.

This is a script documenting the steps and phases take when I compiled a GCC cross toolchain for GCC 4.9 head (with Go support). Building a cross-compiler is complex due to dependencies so a lot of bootstrapping has to be done. This script is inspired by Jim Blandy’s excellent eglibc cross-compiling guide posted at eglibc’s mailinglist at [patches] Cross-building instructions.

This script can serve as a starting point for those who want to build a x-toolchain from scratch. Don’t expect it to work in directly as it’s tailored for my setup. Instead you can re-use the phases and modify the script with parameters that you need. The last phases adds Go support, which is easy to comment out if you’re only interested in a C/C++ compiler.