Name Jekyll Plugin - Google Search Console Site Verification File Generator
Tech Ruby, Jekyll, RSpec, Travis CI, Simplecov, Rake, Rubocop
Blog Post /blog/tech/my-first-jekyll-plugin-google-search-console-site-verification-file-generator/

Jekyll plugin that generates a Google Search Console verification file from configuration.

A plugin for the SSG A Static Site Generator compiles the website before deployment. Then the generated web content is simply retrieved as-is by the client without any code running at retrieve time. Jekyll A Static Site Generator (SSG) built with ruby. Popularized as of its adoption in GitHub Pages.

This is a very simple plugin that will generate a Google Search Console (GSC from here) verification file to your _site/ directory in a Jekyll project. This file is used by GSC to verify that you own the site and looks for example like my googlef47733b3288357e4.html.