Name Jekyll Plugin - Google Search Console Site Verification File Generator
Tech Ruby, Jekyll, Liquid, RSpec, Travis CI, Simplecov, Rake, Rubocop
Blog Post /blog/tech/open-sourcing-my-second-jekyll-plugin-gossary-tooltip/

Jekyll plugin providing a glossary liquid tag that will show a tooltip of a term definition.

A plugin for the SSG A Static Site Generator compiles the website before deployment. Then the generated web content is simply retrieved as-is by the client without any code running at retrieve time. Jekyll A Static Site Generator (SSG) built with ruby. Popularized as of its adoption in GitHub Pages.

This plugin simplifies for your readers and you by making it easy to define terms or abbreviations that needs an explanation. Define a common dictionary of terms and their definition in a YAML file. Then inside markdown files you can use the provided glossary liquid tag to insert a tooltip for a defined word from the dictionary. The tooltip will show the term definition on mouse hover.

It’s also possible to provide an optional URL to for example a term definition source reference. To also support mobile devices, this URL link is placed inside the tooltip pop-up itself, rather than making the term itself clickable. This is so that on mobile device, you will first tap the word to get the hover tooltip, then click the link in the tooltip if desired.