Name Vim Keybindings Everywhere - The Ultimate List
Blog Post /blog/tech/use-vim-keybindings-everywhere/

The ultimate list of which programs support Vim-like keybindings natively, or how they can be added with extensions. A collaborative project.

Once your fingers have learned to speak Vim, they don’t want to speak anything else! It’s simply a very effective way of navigating, creating and editing text. Thus, it’s natural that one would like to get Vim-like keybindings in as many programs we use as possible.

The intention of this collaborative list is to:

  • learn which programs/apps that you already use which you can enhance with Vim keybindings. Search in your browser with ctrl/cmd + f.
  • discover new programs that support Vim keybindings. In the need for a new file manager? Why not get one that has Vim keybindings?
  • be up-to-date and alive – add new programs and extensions as they evolve!