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This is my personal website at which you can find my blog, contact information and social links.

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tmux-powerline tpm plugin

2 minute read

tmux-powerline My very first open source project, a result of a night’s hacking, was a tmux terminal multiplexor status bar project called tmux-powe...

Creating Personal Goals OKR-style

17 minute read

Following up on the post A Manager’s Secret for Engineers to Advancement and Promotion I would like to share some of my experiences in helping Engineers to s...

Recent posts

restic backups scheduled with native OS tools

4 minute read

Remote Backups - Just Do It I wanted to share here a project that I did a few years ago but that is still very relevant. What is very relevant? To have off-s...

Projects Page

less than 1 minute read

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NestedText Implementation in Ruby

18 minute read

With this post I’m declaring my latest project nestedtext-ruby more or less done (for now)! It’s a library for a new exciting data format designed to address...